Project Title Connect ACloud 3D printing platform to MARKET4.0 Marketplace

Sector Plastic and Metal

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

3DFORM aims to connect the ACloud solution to the MARKET4.0 ecosystem. The main target of the ACloud platform is to facilitate the communication between the producer and the customer while providing several other functionalities including ERP functionalities, physics models integration and printers’ monitoring. 3DFORM focuses on leveraging the Market4.0 ecosystem to extend its functionalities by:

– Connecting and integrating ACloud platform at the MARKET4.0 marketplace. CASP will lead the integration activities while Morphica will provide information regarding 3DPrinting machines and their specifications that will be integrated to the platform. – Realizing a scenario – CASP with the support of Morphica – utilizing the ACloud platform through the MARKET4.0 ecosystem for validating the usefulness of the provided solution. Furthermore, the benefits will be identified and quantified.

Partner 1: CASP S.A.

CASP is a software company, based in Athens, Greece, working closely with European and local industry as well as with Universities and Technological institutes, on developing and marketing Business Solutions for a wide range of industrial problems. CASP develops and markets Business Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Production Scheduling, Quality Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Robotics, Virtual Reality Applications and Product and Process Design. CASP provides advanced concepts and software solutions based on State of the Art tools and Technologies for Object Oriented Design and Development. CASP provides software solutions based on advances engineering concepts for a variety of industrial sectors such as: Production Scheduling for the Textile, Food and Maritime industry, ERP for the Maritime industry, Robotics for the automotive sector, Quality Control for the Aerospace and Automotive industry, Product and Product Design for Aerospace and Maritime industry. These concepts can easily be transferred to any other production sector.

Partner 2: Morphica srl

Morphica is an Italian innovative small company specialized in 3D printing founded in 2017 with headquarters in Monopoli, Bari, Italy. Morphica’s aims to develop, promote and disseminate additive manufacturing technology in Italy and worldwide.

The company is a retailer of AM product and tools and is also defined as a service provider of additive manufacturing by offering complementary services. As a service provider, the core business of the company is the production of 3D printed parts. They produce mainly polymeric parts with industrial and desktop machines and they support their customer during the phases of concept, design and production of 3D parts. Moreover, Morphica provides to small companies and professional users training and consultancy for 3D printing. At the last but not the list Morphica provides the indirect service. The indirect service provider is a type of sale through affiliated customers who own a printer sold by Morphica. Four distinct figures are thus cooperating: creators of 3D content, Morphica as a 3D printer vendor, AM machine users who build the parts and customers who will enjoy the printed object.

The innovation of this cooperation lies in the reduction of physical distances exploiting the greatest potential of additive manufacturing: being able to send an object virtually in centers equipped with 3D printers. Besides the obvious advantages for all the figures, this cooperation will allow a reduction in transport costs. The Morphica target customer is the professional 3D printing user and specially is made up of figures such as designers, architects, engineers and hobbyists representing the most likely customers. The company offers complementary services to the sale of printing devices.

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