Project Title secure Marketplace fOR hiGh-tech – Expansion joiNt

Sector Plastic

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

ANVIS Decize develops since many decade expansion joins under the brand of DILATOFLEX®, which is a part who links 2 pipes.

Expansion joints could be used in very large industrial applications. For example, in building construction they are used to link the building to external fluid or gas pipes, and so be able to assure security when movement occurs due to natural ground movement and even seism. But also in nuclear installation or aggressive (acid,….) medium circulation.

MORGEN will be The marketplace dedicated for DILATOFLEX ! MORGEN would give to ANVIS a real important advantage, by:

– Manage easier the relation with our distributors, and so be more reactive and spend less human time in non-added tasks.

– Have a better visibility for all kind of potential customers or even new distributor all over the world

– Increase our business due to a direct access to our stock for common parts and so some quick delivery directly managed through the marketplace.

– Permit every prospect top place an order directly on our marketplace for standard parts…

… and all of that according to the safety rules linked to this kind of sensitive parts used in sensitives environment.

Partner 1: ANVIS

ANVIS is a French company specialized since decades in rubber application and more precisely in high technological rubber application. ANVIS as develop its own brand of expansion joint called DILATOFLEX® since 1959, that means more than 50 years now. A well-known brand sold in many countries and for many applications. Associated to that, ANVIS had develop some specific seal for nuclear application and so equipped a lot of nuclear plants in the world with specific seals and our team are in charge of the splicing directly onsite. ANVIS has developed a strong knowledge in technical steel and rubber parts for antivibration system currently used in Railway application as primary suspension solutions, car-bogie transmission for instance.

Partners 2: P Cation

P-CATION ® is an innovative company with a focus on intelligent IT solutions. We are specialists for individual software, business intelligence products and Enterprise Management Systems solutions for small-medium-sized corporate and corporate groups. We analyze data and automate processes, thereby supporting companies in their digital transformation.

Partner 3: HIBRO

Engineering and trading company specialized in “Flexibility in Pipeline installations”. “Pipeline installations” refer to installations using pipe, tube, fittings, rotating equipment, control and regulating appliances for the transport and treatment of fluids and gasses at elevated temperatures and pressures. “Flexibility” refers to the occurrence of thermal expansion in pipelines, vibration in rotating equipment, movement of structures and ground (earth) causing damage to, stresses in and leakages in the installations. Hibro Compensatoren b.v. (Hibro) is distributor and marketing partner of Anvis Decize SAS (Anvis) and their predecessors for the Netherlands for more than 60 years now. Hibro forms the link between Anvis and the end user market and has trading and engineering expertise in rubber expansion joints manufactured and supplied by Anvis.

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