Project Title Lithography-Based Metal Manufacturing for MARKET4.0

Sector Metal, High-tech

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

The Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM) technology introduced by this project’s leader Incus GmbH can be utilized for small- and medium-scale production of small and complex parts. The technology allows the highest surface aesthetics compared to other AM technologies for metals. Consequently, the project LMM4M will connect the Austrian SME Incus GmbH as a production equipment provider and German SME MetShape GmbH as contract manufacturing company to the MARKET4.0 platform. Despite its clear advantages, extensive knowledge and understanding of AM constraints and restrictions are required for wider industrial adoption of LMM technology due to its novelty. Different process-specific challenges, such as minimum printable feature size, necessary support material, as well as the thermal post-process that involves debinding and sintering accompanied by shrinkage of the printed component, could lead to poor quality parts. The aim of the project LMM4M is to develop software for automated 3D design analysis in the metal AM domain with the focus on LMM technology. The intended solution will be able to automatically interpret relevant data about material type and form, tolerances, as well as part post-processing and shall guide the user in design decisions by giving relevant feedback.

Partner 1: Incus GmbH

Incus GmbH is an Austrian engineering company, founded in September 2019 as a spin-off company of Lithoz, and is offering the metal manufacturing industry a new 3D printing approach based on lithography. The company’s mission is to enable new and innovative possibilities for 3D printing of metal materials. The company’s vision is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry and become preferred partner in metal AM for metal products manufacturers. Incus aims at introducing a paradigm shift in the manufacturing technology that will facilitate the widespread adoption of Additive Manufacturing, create new market opportunities for next-generation metal parts, and increase the global market share of the European metal manufacturers.

Incus was incorporated to bring forward the development and commercialization of the first scalable high-quality metal manufacturing using 3D printing. The proposed innovative additive manufacturing (AM) process is based on an advanced optical lithography combined with a new feedstock composition. Incus headquarters are located at Technologiezentrum Seestadt, Vienna, including an office space and a workspace. The company currently has 6 full-time employees.

Country: Austria

Partner 2: MetShape GmbH

The MetShape company is specialized in metallic 3D printing. The company is a technology co-developer and so far the only service provider with the new innovative Lithography-Based Metal Manufacturing – Technology (LMM). The start-up was founded in early 2019 and offers its customers not only component studies and series production, but also consulting services ranging from 3D printing-compliant component optimization to comprehensive advice on implementing their own 3D printing processes. The MetShape team’s wide range of expertise in materials and process development is used to continuously develop the technologies used and to expand the range of materials through appropriate qualification processes.

Country: Germany

Partner 3: Practical Robotics Institute Austria (PRIA)

The PRIA researchers possess extensive knowledge ontologies and knowledge-based systems for industrial automation due to their participation in several related projects. PRIA performs research projects on innovative control architectures for industrial automation as well as projects with the aim of promoting science and technical excellence for motivating the next generations of researchers and engineers. The PRIA researchers led and participated in several successful R&D-projects.

Country: Austria

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