Project Title EVOLUTIOnary Accelerator for Continuous Segment Growth

Sector Metal, Plastic

Funding/budget 100KEUR

Short project Summary

EVOLUTIO is an experiment that aims to help industrial companies to penetrate the competitive markets for the production of metal components for thermoplastic injection services and for the production of plastic parts through the implementation of these industrial services by using tools able to fast analyze costing and production times to provide an efficient response to customer demands. To do this, the functionalities provided by the existing manufacturing data tools i.e., Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and by the Production Management tools i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will be integrated with MARKET 4.0 service platform through specific IoT Gateway capable of integrating company production process information and the tools of the MARKET 4.0 in a secure way by using IDS connectors.

Partner 1: GLN MOLDS

GLN MOLDS is a Mid Cap located in Portugal with more than 30 years’ experience on the Molds manufacturing for different sectors, such as automotive, electric and electronic and food packing. In 2014, LN Moldes was acquired by a large Portuguese economic Group – Champalimaud family, which reinforced the diversify of the business areas and strengthened its expansion growth. Today, GLN MOLDS belongs to GLN GROUP (owned by the family holding company – Manuel Champalimaud SGPS SA), along with other companies, all tied to molds manufacturing, product development and the Production of Plastic Injection parts, namely FAMOLDE, GLN PLAST and GLN MEXICO.

With around 84 employees, GLN MOLDS it’s a certified company through ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, skilled on the manufacturing of high-tech precision molds for thermoplastics and has a solid presence in the international markets, exporting to European countries, as well as to the North and South American markets. Despite its international reputation, GLN MOLDS is constantly investing in the innovation of new products and processes, maximizing its competitive capabilities and value chain, in partnership with the GLN GROUP shared R&D Center – GLN Innov.

Country: Portugal

Partner 2: GLN PLAST

GLN PLAST is a Mid Cap from Portugal, with more than 20 years’ experience and specialized in the mass production of plastic injection parts in an environment certified through ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. It has nearly 30 plastic injection machines and is capable of testing molds in machines with a clamping force between 40 to 420 tons and can guarantee the production of pre-series for the approval of new products as well as the production of large, medium and small series.

With 102 employees and 22 temporary workers, the company is a member of a larger industrial group – GLN Group, which incorporates other companies, all tied to the molding and plastic industry. Several decades of experience and constant technological innovation establish it as a dynamic group of excellence that integrates the phases of Product Development and Engineering, the Development and Manufacture of high precision molds, injection process modelling and the injection of plastic parts, supported by complementary high added value services. This association provides GLN PLAST with far reaching knowledge of the sector and production technologies, as well as the necessary financial muscle to provide it with the investment capacity to enable it to easily adjust to market oscillations and adapt to new technological developments. This corporate reality has also provided the opportunity for the creation of a shared R&D Centre – GLN Innov.

Country: Portugal

Partner 3: Energy@Work

Energy@Work is an Italian innovative SME active from 2017 and it is located in Monopoli and Brindisi, in the South of Italy. Energy@Work has been founded by two researchers (L. D’Oriano and G.R. Rana) with the purpose to fill up existing gap between applied and industrial research and exploiting the innovation potential to generate ICT oriented products and services as added value on the regional and national ecosystem. Energy@Work expertise ranges from intelligent monitoring and control systems to big data and blockchain technologies applied mainly on manufacturing and energy sectors.

Country: Italy

Partner 4: PRAGMA IoT

PRAGMA, founded in 2017, is a spin-off company of CERTH/ITI (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas/Information Technologies Institute) targeting the IoT domain. PRAGMA specializes in providing integrated software solutions including but not limited to OEM platform development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, data analysis and visual analytics algorithms. Aiming at organizations (from SMEs to large industries) that aim to gain deeper insights into their business processes and to effectively monitor and analyse their business data. The innovative data analysis and data processing services can and does transform data into information and knowledge. PRAGMA is driven by a passion for excellence in shaping products and services tailored to its potential customers’ needs. The team is in close cooperation with Research and Development in the areas of data analysis, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc., while five (5) employees holds a PhD in data analysis and four (4) have high experience in machine learning.

Country: Greece

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