Project Title AI Visual Similarity Tool for CAD Retrieval

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

Aluminium extrusion companies usually ‘make to order’ mass-customized profiles for different applications. Since an average midcap company may own more than 10.000 die designs, it is both difficult and time-consuming to manually search for the customer’s request among the existing codes.

The proposed CAD Explorer is an AI-based Visual Similarity tool that uses a simplified die sketch as input and is able to find the closest design matches of the customer’s database, based on its cutting-edge image similarity, deep-learning based algorithm. The use of such tool enables the Sales Managers to quickly search and retrieve the most relevant Die Codes. Moreover, the retrieved results can be also available to the standard third-party systems, enabling concurrent access to all data required to provide an accurate quotation without undue delays. CAD Explorer will be made available through Market 4.0 marketplace in order to maximize its visibility and ease of purchase.

Partner 1: Alumil

Alumil (est. 1988) is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated architectural aluminium systems manufacturers. The firm possesses the expertise and infrastructure to undertake the design and construction of any type of system almost exclusively internally; it couples a vibrant R&D culture with 12 fully equipped production facilities located in 6 countries that comprise aluminium, polyamide and PVC extrusion lines, foundries, and much more. Increasingly, Alumil’s product portfolio reflects its ability to develop innovative solutions that respond to the ever-changing needs of designers, fabricators, developers, and homeowners. The firm employs 2,200 people.

Country: Greece

Partner 2: D-Cube

D-Cube is a spin-off company of the Information Technologies Institute of CERTH, spinning research achievements out of the Visual Computing Lab. D-Cube combines research, strong scientific background with customer-centric design and deploys disruptive computer vision and machine learning technologies to industries that are willing to transform. The company’s vision is to transform world leading research into business value, while its mission is to identify operational and quality assurance issues and drive diverse industries into the new Industry 4.0 era by transforming them into Factories of the Future.

Country: Greece

CAD – Explorer on Market4.0 YouTube Channel