Project Title Connect Production Equipment Supplier for Metal Processing to Market4.0

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

Gizelis S.A. is specializing in the manufacturing of machines for the sheet metal industry, with activities that start from machine design and development, and continue with complete ‘in house’ manufacturing of sheet metal processing machines. Gizelis has a large network of global associates, and y is able to provide complete solutions for sheet metal processing machines. As part of its strategy for reaching new clients and improving product and service procurement, Gizelis is looking to join the Market4.0 ecosystem so as to increase its global network and gain access to the Market4.0 platform functionalities.

The proposed use case focuses on leveraging the Market4.0 ecosystem by:

  • Listing Gizelis’ products in the Market4.0 web portal.
  • Deploy and test Market4.0 applications.
  • Realize a procurement scenario utilizing the Market4.0 ecosystem with KLEEMANN (acting as customer) to identify and quantify the benefits gained from utilizing Market4.0 technologies.

Partner 1: CASP S.A.

CASP is a software company, based in Athens, Greece, working closely with European and local industry as well as with Universities and Technological institutes, on developing and marketing Business Solutions for a wide range of industrial problems. CASP develops and markets Business Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Production Scheduling, Quality Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Robotics, Virtual Reality Applications and Product and Process Design. CASP provides advanced concepts and software solutions based on State of the Art tools and Technologies for Object Oriented Design and Development. CASP provides software solutions based on advances engineering concepts for a variety of industrial sectors such as: Production Scheduling for the Textile, Food and Maritime industry, ERP for the Maritime industry, Robotics for the automotive sector, Quality Control for the Aerospace and Automotive industry, Product and Product Design for Aerospace and Maritime industry. These concepts can easily be transferred to any other production sector.

Country: Greece

Partner 2: GIZELIS S.A.

Gizelis S.A. was founded from Stamatis Gizelis in 1968, specializing in the manufacturing of machines for the sheet metal industry. Today is one of the oldest companies in its field, with activities that start from machine design and development, and continue with complete ‘in house’ manufacturing of sheet metal processing machines.

Gizelis S.A. is a well-established manufacturing company, with significant presence in the global market. Now with a large network of global associates, the company is able to provide complete solutions regarding the production chain associated with sheet metal processing machines. Today, the company’s industrial plant includes 3 distinct manufacturing divisions regarding press brakes, shearing, and plasma cutting machines. In the near future it is planning to expand business deeper in the field of sheet metal bending and cutting. For Gizelis S.A. the quality of its human resources is of great significance. A team of highly qualified engineers and managers with experience in their fields of expertise are responsible for the company’s activities from research and development up to production and marketing. We are strongly committed to continue investing in R&D aiming to provide high quality products that are technologically advanced, and in addition to design new products that the rapidly changing sheet metal industry demands. Our mission is to provide a complete range of high-quality sheet metal processing machines to our customers through continuous development and innovation.

Country: Greece


KLEEMANN is one of the major lift companies in the European and global market. It was founded in 1983 in Greece. With more than 30 successful years of experience, KLEEMANN is proud of its strong global brand name, high quality standards and flexible specialized solutions for which the company is renowned. With wide technical know-how and company-owned manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China, KLEEMANN caters to the needs of every market through constant use of state-of-the art mechanical equipment built according to its high safety standards. Following successful strategies and careful investments, KLEEMANN maintains its presence with subsidiaries and sales offices in 15 countries (Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Saudi Arabia, France and Azerbaijan, Croatia, Australia). KLEEMANN exports to 100 countries worldwide, among them being the UK, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey, Australia & Cyprus. Guided by consistency, flexibility, fast service, innovation and development, the company remains one of the financially healthiest companies in Europe.

Country: Greece

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