In this page the list of scientific publications published by the Consortium members within the context of MARKET4.0 will be uploaded.
TitleAuthors Conference/ JournalYearLink
Tool-Path Problem in Direct Energy Deposition Metal-Additive Manufacturing: Sequence Strategy Generation Maialen MuruaIEEE ACCESS2020
Adaptation of a Branching Algorithm to Solve Discrete Optimization Problems. M. MuruaOperations Research 2019 (OR2019) 2019
A user-centric, federated, network-model approach for data sovereignty, trust and security with interoperability in legal data sharing artefacts - Improved data control for enhanced adoption in interorganizational and supply chain IS applications The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)2020
Maintaining control over sensitive data in the Physical Internet: Towards an open, service oriented, network-model for infrastructural data sovereigntySimon Dalmolen6th International Physical Internet Conference, IPIC 2019 London2019
Infrastructural Sovereignty over Agreement and Transaction Data (‘Metadata’) in an Open Network-Model for Multilateral Sharing of Sensitive DataHarrie BastiaansenInternational Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019 Conference2019
A Survey of Digital B2B Platforms and Marketplaces for Purchasing Industrial Product Service Systems: A Conceptual FrameworkDimitris Mourtzis, John Angelopoulos8th CIRP Conference of Assembly Technology and Systems (CATS 2020)2020
Digital Twin for Manufacturing Equipment in Industry 4.0Tomás Moreno, António Almeida, Filipe Ferreira, Narciso Caldas, César Toscano, Américo AzevedoAdvances in Transdisciplinary Engineering, Volume 152021