Project Acronym Edge computing over Narrow Band

Sector High-tech

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

NB-Edge is a collaborative effort of an equipment manufacturer of deep tech edge computing sensor technologyon the supply side, a system integrator deploying services on the MARKET 40 platform and on the demand side,a manufacturer of smart pillars solutions for marinas and harbors. The goal of NB-Edge is to enrich the Market4.0 ecosystem by expanding the portfolio to complex, low power edge computing sensor devices (Fuelics).

Fuelics devices are comprised of 3 distinctive entities that regulate sensing, the communication and theintelligence of the device. These devices can be adapted to suit manifold applications, based on Firmwareupdates over the air (OTA) that will be triggered by a software service (offering by partner ASN).

Summarizing, in the frame of the project we will add new digital equipment to the marketplace, integrate novelservices for firmware updates (OTA), use and validate the Market 4.0 platform and offer products & services.

Partner 1: ASN

ASN specializes in developing technologies and custom enterprise solutions centred around data analysis, monitoring and case-based reasoning. ASN’s ISTMOS is a monitoring platform, which allows stakeholders involved in the perishables and sensitive goods supply chain to monitor the most critical parameters affecting product quality during its storage and transportation.

Partner 2: Fuelics

Fuelics is a deep tech sensor manufacturing company developing edge computing battery operated modules over NBIoT protocol. Established in July 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Fuelics industrializes Fuel Management and Smart City Sensors. Regarding Market 4.0 initiative, Fuelics introduced a new type of NBIoT data logger with edge computing capabilities that wants to promote. This sensor can retrieve either pulse or protocol based information (MBus) from smart meters with digital output (pulse or Eco MBus), let alone being able to simultaneously register measuring data from up to 4 simultaneous smart meters, therefore reducing CAPEX and OPEX to a minimum.

Additionally, Fuelics technology stack allows the remote management and Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) upgrade of its sensors a feature that will be provided in Market4.0 as a new service. The end user (buyer) will be able to seamlessly configure an order of customized sensors and services including Remote Management. 

Partner 3: Smart Marinas

Smart Marinas designs and manufactures automated and non-automated water and power supply systems. In 2014, the first automated model of the series was placed at various points of sight around Euboea island. The experience of the early years, coupled with ongoing development in design, intelligence gathering by operators and users, recording them and incorporating innovative technologies led to the creation of the new Pillar model released in June 2020. Smart Marinas pillar is installed in several harbors and marinas in the mainland and islands of Greece. Remote management of their pillars is essential for their business expansion.

NB-Edge on Market4.0 YouTube Channel