Project Title Real time supply chain visibility for high-tech EU manufacturing

Sector High Tech & Metal

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

This project zooms in on creating an automated supply chain network using the SCSN standard that has been developed in The Netherlands and international IDS connector for MARKET 4.0. The goal is to develop the technique to connect a buyer with several suppliers using this standard for exchanging order messages (partially already in the standard) and create additional possibilities to exchange shipment data (new processes, new standards). The intended solution focuses on connecting Buyer A with Supplier B (and also suppliers C, D, E) so they can share order and shipment data in a structured and secure way.

Partner 1: Tradecloud B.V.

Tradecloud is a B2B supply chain platform for the industry and trade sectors. It facilitates supply and demand side by automating equipment components ordering flows and enabling direct in context communication between OEMS and their suppliers.

Partner 2 : MOBA B.V.

Moba is the recognized global leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines. Founded in 1947, Moba has grown into a corporation with over 800 dedicated employees. Moba has offices throughout the world and runs an extensive network of dealerships. The head-office is situated in Barneveld, The Netherlands. It’s our mission to support our customers worldwide and continuously improve our company by developing, producing, and supporting the best solutions in sorting and processing of eggs. Our vision is to enable food producers worldwide to feed the global growing population with egg-based nutrition that is safe, tasty, and affordable. We are a reliable partner for our customers by supplying end-to-end solutions with the highest value.

Partner 3: Van Trierum Metaalbewerking B.V.

Van Trierum Metaalbewerking BV is a (high-)precision mechanical supplier. Our core business is turning and milling (up to and including 5-axis simultaneous production) and (sub)assembly. We produce mechanical parts for a broad range of national and international machine builders, in the Medical, Orthopedic, Logistic, Food and the Maritime Industry.

Partner 4 : DUMACO Oss/ Heurkens and Van Veluw BV

Experts in stainless steel sheet and construction work. One stop shop for high-quality metal, sheet metal, tube and tube products with a specialization in stainless steel; Total supplier in sheet metal and construction works. Part of Dumaco BV. It also trades under the name of Dumaco Oss.

Partner 5: Meijer Metal B.V.

Meijer Metal BV provides ferrous machining services and is a partner for assemblies, casings and frame construction. We mainly focus on OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who develop and sell their own serial piece products.

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