Project Title Digitalisation and internationalisation of the sale process of electronic spindles and repair services

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

eSPINDLE aims to digitalise and internationalise the sale process of high-speed electro spindles and repair services.

From a strategic point of view, key objectives to be achieved in the framework of the eSPINDLE subproject are: (1) to boost visibility and internationalisation of the offer of a production equipment supplier in the metal sector (i.e., providing electro spindles and repair services) through the introduction of its catalogue of products and services in the MARKET4.0 ecommerce platform targeting a pan-European market; (2) to support digitalisation process by including new digital services supporting the bidding phase of customised products and previous assessment of the repair services; (3) experiment and evaluate the new ways of work.

From an operation point of view main objectives involved increased turnover and market distribution as well as increased efficiency in the bidding process (i.e., reduction of time & related costs).


GHS ( was founded in 2002 and it’s part of the GOIALDE GROUP. GHS is leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed electro spindles. 30% of GHS’s product sales comes from catalogue products while the remaining 70% comes from customised products adjusted to the specific needs of their customers. Furthermore, GHS provides repair service packs involving multi brand spindle heads and models that cover the three phases in the repair process as well as a push service for emergency situations. Currently GHS has a website that displays its product catalogue; however, this website does not facilitate the process of procurement of its products and services. From a market point of view 98% of their market share is national, however, GHS intends to grow by diversifying their geographic markets.

Country: Spain


GEPRO SYSTEMS ( is an engineering company specialised in concept, design, manufacturing and commissioning advanced machines and systems for machining parts for the aeronautics industry: new and retrofitted machines. Furthermore, GEPRO SYSTEMS provides integral machining services of aeronautics parts using its own production equipment and through preferential cooperation agreements with leading companies. GEPRO SYSTEMS provides services to Tier-1 suppliers of AIRBUS, Boeing, Embraer and ATR.

GEPRO SYSTEMS has a multi-disciplinary management and technical team with more than 80 years of cumulative experience in developing advanced technology for machinery. GEPRO SYSTEMS has facilities in Durango and Matiena (Abadiño), which are areas with internationally recognized prestige in machine tool manufacturing and metal transformation.

Country: Spain

Partner 3: TEKNIKER

TEKNIKER ( is a technological centre constituted in 1981 as a private not-for-profit Foundation that aims at the development and transfer of technology to improve the competitiveness of industry. TEKNIKER is working in the field of production management in the broadest possible sense and addresses new technologies within the scope of the “Industry 4.0” concept and special attention is paid to sustainability and cooperation paradigms along the supply chain. It employs around 280 people. TEKNIKER is proactive in European level associations and initiatives such as European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).

Country: Spain

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