Project Title Standardized connection of multiple ERP providers and industrial companies to the SCSN Eco System

Sector High-Tech

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

The project EDI-Multiply will mainly achieve two things, which help to disseminate and increase MARKET4.0. Firstly, with the connection of myOpenFactory to MARKET4.0, more than 1350 participants will automatically join the platform. Secondly, various template interfaces are created from the CIBA to enable a faster onboarding process for new ERP systems, which will be released as Open Source. To test these to things s in practice, the company BT Brammer B.V. / Rubix will be connected with a long-existing business partner by bridging between MARKET4.0 and myOpenFactory participants. The necessary processes, including business model development, are supported by the FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen.

Partner 1: myOpenfachtory Software GmbH

Using some of the results of the German research project „myOpenFactory“ the „myOpenFactory Software GmbH“ started in December 2005 as a spin-off of the RWTH Aachen University. myOpenFactory delivers the service of a unified EDI platform for the exchange of business documents. Any member on the myOpenFactory-platform needs only one interface to connect many other companies to its ERP system. Users of myOpenFactory’s services are all the „big“ names in the engineering and automotive business, but the greater share of the more than 1.350 users consists of small and medium-sized companies from several European countries.

Country: Germany

Partner 2: FIR e.V. at the RWTH Aachen

The FIR e. V. at the RWTH Aachen is an affiliated institute, which is affiliated to the RWTH Aachen. The FIR conducts application-oriented research under the term of Industrial Management in the areas of company organization and company development. The focus of the production management department is on the optimization of business processes and especially on industrial order processing. The focus is on the digitization of those mentioned processes by modeling processes and designing process automation and optimization.

Country: Germany

Partner 3: Center Integrated Business Applications (CIBA)

The Center Integrated Business Applications (CIBA) is part of the Enterprise Integration Center Aachen GmbH (EICe) located at the Cluster Smart Logistic at RWTH Campus Aachen and concentrates together with industry members on integrated business applications. At the interface between research and industry, the CIBA provides decisive impulses in the design, further development, and implementation of integrated business applications that support and optimize future production processes. The services and solutions are aimed at software providers, system houses, and users (e.g. SMEs or selected enterprise customers). The Center offers the services at various levels, taking the necessary perspective in each case to create individual benefits.

Country: Germany

Partner 4: BT Brammer B.V. / Rubix

As a leading distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) products,  Rubix is a single-source supply partner for manufacturers in all sectors. Rubix adds value at every turn by helping to reduce working capital, increase production efficiency and reduce total acquisition costs. Rubix offers an expansive range of over 1 million products in many industries. It also has Technical Centres in Mechatronics (MCA Motion Control Automation); Linear Technology; Tooling & Metrology (Tooling Center Benelux); Safety, Ergonomic, Clothing & Infra; Compressed air systems; Welding; Cleaning; Power Transmission; Seals (SCB) and Up-Time Services. Rubix delivers technological and logistical solutions and realized cost savings with several improvement programs and up-time service improvements. With comprehensive digital solutions, Rubix delivers state of the art e-procurement integrations with her customers.

Country: The Netherlands

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