Project Title Free to trade

Sector High-Tech

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

Imagine an engineer at a technological fair and who is trying to decide which of the suppliers to choose.

The price difference is evident; however for anyone who has been in that position it is obvious that the price is just a small part of the overall picture.

For example are the suppliers allowed to import to the desired destination and if they are, are there additional taxes, duties and fees?

If the product uses the parts by this supplier is it going to satisfy the ‘rules of origin’ requirements of the largest customers?

Where and how much are the taxes and duties paid when the final product is sold?                   

Faces with all those mainly administrative and tax questions very often the engineer would not know where to even begin.

We are creating an app that is going to assist the hi-tech manufacturers in resolving those issues. The Free to Trade app also has the ambition to provide information to SMEs concerning not only goods, but also services and goods with services blends. That is of crucial importance for high-tech SMEs, where their product is often a hybrid and requires substantial customization and/or support for a specific key customer(s).

Partner 1: Forseti Consult

Forseti Consult is an SMEs centered consultancy company operating in the European Union and Great Britain.

We are a new type of consultancy. One that is created as a hub to actively research options for global businesses with local focus. Our mission is to provide our clients with an on-time, adequate and will face many challenges when the UK leaves the institutions of the Single Market. Our international team of experts will offer the necessary help to any UK company that wishes to prepare for the post-Brexit world.

We have the ambition to become one of the biggest migration and cross-border professional firms in Europe and extend our services across the Anglo-sphere and beyond. To that end, we have attracted some of the best talent in the industry.

In the Free to Trade project Forseti Consults provides the legal and administrative expertise.

Country: Bulgaria

Partner 2: Konstantin Stamov EOOD

Konstantin Stamov EOOD is a consultancy firm specialized in providing in-work training for managers for cross-border cooperation and effective market expansion.

The company has enormous experience in creating and adapting training materials for specific target audiences that need to achieve specific goals.

K.Stamov EOOD plays a key role in translating information in an easy to understand manner to SME’s managers and employees while at the same time providing logistical support for various cross-border services. The company creates and operates cross-border, cross cultural workshops and additional professional qualification improvement trainings.

In the Free to Trade project Konstantin Stamov EOOD plays a key role in creating the application in a friendly and easy to use and understand way.

Country: Bulgaria

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