Project Title Boosting the MARKET4.0 Platform for Product-Service Systems: pilot in Plasma Cutting Manufacturing

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

The quality of an equipment/machine cannot be demonstrated by showing only the configuration-related data, like the type of material that can be processed and the average energy consumption. Ever more required is the operational dynamic data, like the pressure and energy fluctuation during the production of one particular item (with a particular configuration). This data can explain the hidden nature of the machine and usually shouldn’t be shared with everyone. The goal of this project is to enable sharing and validating this information with potential buyers, using MARKET4.0 Platform

Beside the goal of boosting the usage of MARKET4.0 Platform, this project will validate its suitability for the Product/Service‐Systems (PSS), service‐oriented approach that combines product and services into a total integrated solution. We define three types of data related to PSS, which can be promoted in the marketplace: a) static data (related to characteristics of the machine, like min/max thickness, from the data sheet), b) dynamic data (related to the operation/usage of the machine, like the energy consumption in a period of time in a particular setting, e.g. material type) and c) service description (related to the services which that PSS offers). The project will be tested is the case for HPm, an innovation oriented plasma cutting machine SME vendor, which has understood the service-oriented nature of modern products and has the strategy of offering to customers various added-value services for the traditional cutting process.

Partner 1: Nissatech

Nissatech (Serbia) is an innovation-driven SME with strong international cooperation and vision to become European leader in developing advanced IT solutions for real-time processing to be used in various industries and businesses. The main objective is to develop own technological building blocks through an efficient implementation of the cutting-edge research and their usage for resolving very challenging real-world problems in different domains.   

The application domains range from wearables-based eHealth (remote patient monitoring), through IoT-driven intelligent transportation till Cyber-Physical Production systems (flexible manufacturing), with the main focus on creating dynamically responsive systems that can sense and respond timely (or even ahead of time). We offer end-to-end software services for real-time monitoring, local processing (Edge) and efficient data transfer to the server (Cloud) and complex big data processing/analytics in order to get useful recommendations for managing monitored entities (closed control loop).

The company owns Seal of Excellence (

The main relevant commercial product is D2Lab, TRL9 (Data Diagnostic Laboratory, the Framework for Big Data Analytics, which has been used in various application domains for the development of the big data analytics applications (mainly Manufacturing and Oil&Gas).

Country: Serbia

Partner 2: HPm srl

HPm srl (Italy) machinery represent one of the best sheet metal cutting products currently available in the national and international market, which over time continue to maintain solidity, precision and reliability. HPm srl offers a wide range of technologically advanced machinery with an attractive and innovative design, at the service of all companies in the metal cutting sector. HPm srl has always distinguished itself in the market for having designed and developed machinery specifically designed for precise and fast plasma and laser cutting, thanks to the high sliding center of gravity and to the electro-welded aluminum crossbeam, unlike those who manufacture machinery based on oxy-fuel cutting with ground tracks and very low center of gravity.

Country: Italy

Partner 3: EMDIP

EMDIP (Serbia) represents a coalition of knowledge and 50 years of experience in metal processing to solve complex engineering, technical and technological solutions. Resulting in a wide range of products which meet customer’s expectations and results of market activities, is continuously growing. Examples of products are: Wood-burning / Pellet / Bio-Ethanol home stoves, fireplaces, inserts and boilers| fire-place stoves / solid energy fire-place vessels. They are exported in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Denmark and Russia. The priorities of the company are modernization of the technology and permanent education of our personnel in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

Country: Switzerland

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