Project Title Α Predictive Maintenance ΑΙ Analytics Service for the Metal Processing Manufacturing Sector

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

The prAIm project aims at properly extending the functionality and services already provided in the Market4.0 Marketplace with an innovative Predictive Maintenance Analytics service/ application for the metal processing sector. This new service that will be configured, customized and offered through the Market4.0 Marketplace will utilize operational data (ranging from maintenance logs to OEE data) from different manufacturing systems and sensing data from the shop-floor (e.g., machinery data, product quality data, etc.) that collectively provide the necessary maintenance background that can be further correlated and analyzed to extract patterns, identify deviations, understand the machines’ health status and timely point out to possible damages that may occur in the production line.  The output of the analysis will consist in a daily maintenance report (created with the help of various machine learning and deep learning Predictive maintenance algorithms, as well as through descriptive analytics) that will be available in the service dashboard, together with all other information and related KPIs pertaining to its formulation. The dashboard will be accessible through the web (web app) by maintenance managers and operators.

Partner 1: Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited

Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited (Suite5, Cyprus) is an Information Technology Solutions and Services SME whose mission is to deliver innovative data-driven intelligence solutions through state-of-the art technologies, required for any organization to be placed at the forefront of competition through greater efficiency. By combining strong technology know-how and hands-on approach in managing and implementing projects commissioned by the public and the private sector, Suite5 provides research-inspired solutions and practical support for its clients in order to leverage business and crowd intelligence into their everyday operations. The expertise of Suite5 spans across the whole lifecycle of data management and AI analytics including, Knowledge Representation, Data Management and Interoperability, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics in different domains (e.g., Interoperability, Big Data, Linked Data, Cloud Computing, Manufacturing, Aviation, Energy, etc.).

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