About Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania

Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA, established in 1993, is an independent self-governing employer association, uniting 88 major manufacturing companies, VET providers and universities. Both nationally and internationally it represents the interests of the Lithuanian mechanical, electrical, electronic, metalworking and transport equipment industrial sector and seeks to promote business competitiveness. Its main priorities are to support enhancement of productivity, competitiveness and business internationalisation of the sector by fostering innovations in critical fields of development of high value added products, as well as competence development of HR and modernisation of production and business management processes. LINPRA is a member of ORGALIME, CEEMET, EFFRA, Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

LINPRA organises, evaluates and proposes improvements to legal acts; organises discussions with the governmental, education and science institutions; proposes the Government on improvement of the sector environment; drafts business environment studies; represents members in working groups, conferences and committees.

One of the main interests of LINPRA is the quality of the training of future specialists and the development of their competences, therefore association represents the interests of its members in developing professional standards‚ training programmes and teaching materials, participate in the management of R & D structures.